Taylor Swift Donation Request Letter Sample

A youngster in the country music scene, Taylor Swift has brought sweet sounds to many, but she’s also been good at giving back to the arts, which is why I want to help you write a Taylor Swift donation request letter that may help you get money now. First, though, let’s learn a little about her philanthropy.

Although she is worth more than an estimated $165 million according to Forbes, Swift may not be a super rich billionaire like Warren Buffett but her philanthropic efforts are just as notable as Buffett’s.

Swift has been a big supporter of arts education and children’s literacy.┬áIn 2010, the country star gave $75,000 to Hendersonville High School in Nashville, where she spent her freshman and sophomore years. The money helped re-do the sound and lighting in the school’s auditorium.


Four million dollars of her money funded the Taylor Swift Education Center — a educational facility for the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.

Swift also worked with a textbook company and gave $60,000 in 2012 to six US colleges. The colleges used the money in their music departments.

But she’s also given around $250,000 to schools around the US in 2009. This money bought books, funded educational programs, and assisted with paying teacher salaries.

Donating books has been a common theme for Swift. From 2011 to 2013, she has donated more than 22,000 books to help children with literacy.

But she’s also donated to disaster relief, has given to charities for sick children, and provided free money to LGBT anti-discrimination efforts. These philanthropic efforts have raised the most money.


Because Swift has been a big supporter of arts education and helping kids read, I want to focus my sample Taylor Swift donation request letter targeting money for a school needing financial assistance to keep its music department open.

Sample donation request letter for Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Entertainment
242 West Main Street
PMB 412
Hendersonville, TN 37075
April 2, 2013

Dear Ms. Swift,

Hendersonville schools are lucky to get your generous money donations, but classrooms throughout the U.S. are feeling the loss of taxpayer dollars, as well.

My musical department is on the verge of extinction. The school will cut the band, chorus, and music history courses because of funding. I am writing to you and hoping you can help.

We need to get money now — to the tune of $100,000 to keep the department funded for two years.

During that time, I have a plan to make the program self-sufficient. This free money will help weather through these difficult economic times and build the future for this school. It will also educate youngsters about music.

I have planned a Taylor Swift Music Day at the school on July 7, which is when you are playing a show in our town.

I have spoken with your public relations department and they have coordinated a meet and greet then, with me and with your local fans. My hope is that we could discuss donation options then.

Thank you,

My Name
Music Director
XYZ School
123 Main St.
City, Town

Writing tips

You will want to make sure that your letter has a way to connect to your reader. Don’t just say ‘I need money now!’ Explain why and how it will impact your reader.When writing your letter, make sure you use a word processor. Make it look professional. Use spell check. Proofread it.

Doing research about what Swift donates to and making sure that your request targets her donation interests will help make sure she may consider the donation.

Have a call to action in your letter. Don’t just sit back and expect a rich celebrity to come to you.

Be respectful. Include your contact information.

All in all, I hope this Taylor Swift donation request letter example has been helpful to you and nets you free money.