Buy Now Pay Later Catalogs – Instant Credit Approval in 2015?

buy now pay later websites and catalogs
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Shop now pay later catalogs in 2015 are available to people who need flexible payment options and may be a little short of money this month – or perhaps you don’t have a credit card.

Whatever the case, the option for online shopping with these website catalogue stores allows you to use a buy now pay later plan and get the items now and setup a flexible payment plan to pay the balance down at a future later date.

This is a great way to shop immediately, and some of these catalog stores have easy instant credit approval and are OK with bad credit.


But don’t think when you shop online with one of these companies that you will be getting inferior products. The quality is stellar, and the diversity of products you can buy is outstanding. For instance, these choose and charge catalogs offer clothing, shoes, electronics, toys, furniture, jewelry, and so much more if you qualify.

The amount of shop now pay later catalogs are diverse, as well. Although there are more websites than we can list or even know about, so this list is not comprehensive, here are 10 well-known options — all catalogs like Fingerhut, which we’ll start with.

1. Fingerhut

Fingerhut is a true buy now pay later website that requires absolutely no down payment whatsoever. Better yet, they will work with their customers by allowing them to make monthly payments on large purchases.

Even those who have less than good credit can take advantage of this wonderful online store. Buy now and worry about it later. What’s even more comforting is that the company has been around since 1948.

2. FlexShopper

At FlexShopper, one can qualify for a $2,500 spending limit without any down payments or hidden fees. The company doesn’t care if one has bad credit either. There’s also no limit on how many products one can buy.


When one goes shopping here, they simply pay later in small weekly payments. The leasing period itself can range anywhere from seven to 29 days, meaning there’s no long-term commitments. Also, if one isn’t happy with their purchase or purchases, they can always return the item back without having to worry about any payments.

3. Gettington

Gettington gives one a variety of pay later options to choose from. The first one is a four-payment period, whereas the second option entails 24 monthly payments.

Some of their brand products are Apple, Sony, Dyson, Wii and more. The required application only takes a mere minute to fill out.

Gettington ships all of their products reliably and securely. If the price of an item goes down before it ships to the person, they will get a discount for the price difference. An increase in pricing does not change the original price.

4. Ginny’s

This online shop guarantees 100 percent customer satisfaction. Their payments can be as low as $20 a month.

Not only does this store have great payment options, but they offer products at an unbeatable price as well. The store’s latest updates, such as coupons, products and sales, can also be found by visiting either their Facebook or Pinterest page.

Their friendly customer service team is more than willing to help those who are unsure and have questions. The customer’s needs are number one when it comes to Ginny’s.

5. Home Shopping Network

Through Flex Pay, one can buy now and worry later at the Home Shopping Network, which offers electronics, HDTV’s, printers, Wii systems, computers and much more.

No fees or interest will be added to one’s periodical payments. Creating an account with them is as simple as setting up a name, email address, password and password hint.

Other payment options include credit/debit cards, Paypal and HSN-specific payment forms. The web store even has their own gift cards that one can use. The return policies are really simple and friendly as well. Any other questions can be swiftly answered by contacting their friendly support team.

6. Montgomery Ward

Payments at the Montgomery Ward start at a mere $20 a month. This is primarily a home improvement store that sells furniture, kitchen supplies, remodeling supplies and other home improvement products.

What really puts this website at the top of the line is their monthly payments. Purchases up to $200 come in $20 monthly payments, $400 purchases come in $25 monthly payments and $600 purchases come in $30 monthly payments.

With this company, customers will never have to worry about any hidden fees. Most credit card applications are accepted within 24 hours.


QVC is a website that mainly sells shoes and other clothing products. In order to begin shopping here, one must first apply for what’s called a “QCard.” QVC promises to never charge any extra fees or interest rates.

To create an account, one simply provides their email address and profile information. Just about any major credit card can be used at this particular store.

They even have a live chat feature that allows their customers to receive instant answers to any questions they may have. Alternatively, one can also call their contact number.

8. Seventh Avenue

Seventh Avenue is a furniture store that only sells furniture of the highest quality. Much like Montgomery Ward, Seventh Avenue offers pay-later options that are literally identical, with $200 purchases coming in $20 monthly payments, $400 payments coming in $25 monthly payments and $600 purchases coming in $30 monthly payments.

Their sign up and credit card application process is just as fast and easy. Not only does Seventh Avenue offer full refunds for those who aren’t satisfied, but they will give replacements as well. Unlike Montgomery Ward, this store is strictly focused on furniture, making them specialized in what they sell.

9. Midnight Velvet

Midnight Velvet offers their customers a fast approval process, low monthly payments stating at $20 a month, annual-free fees and secure account management.

Like many other stores mentioned in this list, credit card applications are usually accepted within a 24-hour time frame.

One can also check the status of their order by going to the “order status” tab on the website. Primary products of this store include clothing, jewelry, shoes and other items of the like. The company even gives their customers free advice and suggestions on style ideas.

10. PayPal Credit

Formerly known as Bill Me Later, PayPal Credit is essentially many different stores condensed into one single website.

This website now allows their members to use Paypal as a billing option and offers a “No Payments + No Interest if paid in full in 6 Months” promotion.

There is no annual fee. Also, you can save you money if you use their no interest option promotion when you first apply. At present, PayPal Credit / Bill Me Later offers more than 500 stores and retailers that offer products spanning every interest.

These PayPal Credit / Bill Me Later stores may feature buy now pay later toys, cosmetics, watches, jewelry, electronics, tablets, home decor, auto parts, beds. A few stores that are connected PayPal Credit are ShoeMall, Callaway, Vistaprint, Stride Rite, Ashley Stewart, One Travel and many other stores — such as Toys R Us and Wayfair.

Bonus listings: Layaway stores

Another option is layaway. Layaway plans aren’t new, according to the folks at

They point to the Great Depression and the propensity of shopkeepers to extend credit to good customers who never failed to settle their tabs as soon as they were able to do so.

What changed? Society did. Shopkeepers stopped recognizing customers on sight, people left neighborhoods and credit cards entered the picture. Essentially, layaway is similar to buy now pay later, deferred payment catalogs, and choose and charge companies.

Well-known stores that may offer layaway during the Christmas season include Kmart, Sears, T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, Burlington Coat Factory, Baby Depot, Walmart, Gamestop, according to

How buy now pay later no credit check shopping works

Buy now pay later catalogs work like a charge card, using a revolving account of credit. The lender extends you a small credit limit, and you get to order today the items, such as shoes or furniture. You will then get to pay the bill at a later future date.

You may have a small interest charge with your monthly obligations, but many online shopping vendors offer you a certain time frame where, if you pay the balance off before it is due, you are not charged the finance charge.

One item of note: Before you can order and do a lot of online shopping with choose and charge companies, you will have to approved and qualified. Some sellers may do a brief credit check before offering instant credit approval and you are not guaranteed.

The check will provide the buy now pay later company with enough detail about your history of payments. They will, most likely, want to verify that you are going to make due with your monthly obligations. This means they may extend you a small amount of credit at first.

Once you have a history of paying the shop now pay later catalog company back, they will, more than likely, increase your credit limit. This will allow you to shop for more expensive items today and pay at a later future date.

Also, if you are in the UK, there are stores like Argos, Brighthouse, Littlewoods, and Very that allow purchase now and pay at a later date credit options. There are also US stores like Luther Sales.

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Value of purchase now pay later online shopping

Installments for shop today and pay tomorrow stores are typically low. Some companies, such as Ginny’s, offer monthly installments as low as $20, which can be a benefit if you need to get an item quickly and you are in a pinch.

Generally, though, the amount for your monthly obligation depends on how much you owe the seller. The more you charge, the more your payment will be each month.

Many people have a bad image of sellers who offer purchase now pay later online shopping. They think that people who use buy now pay later companies can’t ever afford to pay. But that’s not true.

A lot of people shop online using the deferred billing option, and it is a format that has been around with local businesses. Before big retail stores, businesses were mainly run by local folks. Those people often extended credit to fellow townspeople who they knew were good for it. The townspeople paid the salesperson back, and then he or she made money.

Something similar exists with shop now pay later catalogs, which offer you an item immediately and allow you to pay the balance down at a later future date.