Oriental Trading Deferred Billing

Although you will need an Oriental Trading deferred billing code to get this option offered from this company’s online website catalog, you do have other ways to setup a payment plan at this shop buy now pay later party supply store without the code. Before we look at those deferred payment plans, let us take a look at what Oriental Trading does offer, first.

What does Oriental Trading offer?

This party supply store, which offers the best supplies for birthdays, parties, weddings — even wedding receptions, offers supplies for every holiday, including Easter, Cinco de Mayo, Father’s Day, Memorial Day — even Earth Day.


But don’t kid yourself: They have party supplies for every occasion and event you could think of — office shin-digs, baby showers, carnivals, decorations for Halloween, and the list goes on. They also offer toys. If you are looking for home decor items, though, you may want to consider a choose and charge account.

How does deferred billing with Oriental Trading work?

If you have a credit card, you can pay by American Express, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa. But there is a Bill Me Later, which is the Oriental Trading deferred billing option, and a PayPal option, as well, when shopping online.

To setup on deferred payment billing, you will need to use Bill Me Later, which is a PayPal service. It offers the option to buy now and pay at a later date in the future.

You will have to apply, and be qualified, for this payment option. But the application process is easy and quick. Once you qualify, you will be able to shop at any location that has the Bill Me Later feature and will not have to enter a credit card, which is good if you don’t have one. All you have to do is select the Bill Me Later feature on a merchant’s website, such as Oriental Trading.

Another value of a shop now pay later plan is that you get flexibility for payments. You can pay the balance down in full or if you need to spread it out over a few months, you can do that, too.


Depending on the buy now pay later party store you use, the monthly installments will vary — as will how many months you get to pay off the balance in the future.

Before you apply, though, it is important that you read the terms and conditions. There may be interest charges and/or associated fees with allowing the balance to ride from month to month.

Other ways to use deferred payment billing at Oriental Trading

A gift card can provide a good gift for a future bride and groom who will have a lot of expenses due to being recently married. Rather than paying monthly payments on their credit card — at a high interest rate — they could possible get a gift card that helps offset the cost of marriage. This would make a good gift at a bridal shower.

What is also a value of this online shopping catalog party store is that they offer promotional codes. So not only could newlyweds get assistance to buy now and not need a payment plan for their future purchases, they could also get those purchases at a discounted rate.


I hope this article about options for Oriental Trading deferred billing has been of help to you.