Easiest Store Credit Card To Get in 2015

If you have poor, limited, or no credit history, the easiest store credit card to get can be from Lowes, Victoria Secret, JCPenny, Belk, Kohls, Walmart, or Target. Honestly, though, a better option is a major secured credit card. People with good credit should consider a major unsecured rewards credit card instead.

Retail store cards are unsecured, offer high APRs, and usually do not have any worthwhile perks associated with them.

They often advertise no interest for 6 months. If you do not pay the full balance by 6 months, they will back-date the interest to your purchase date. Hardly cost-effective for the consumer!


A better solution is a secured credit card, which will help you build a history.

Although you won’t receive cash back or rewards, you will establish your finances with these cards.

Here are 10 secured credit cards

10. Bank of America Secured Visa
9. UnionPlus Secured
8. Navy Federal Rewards Secured Visaeasy
7. Citi Secured MasterCard
6. PenFed Credit Union Secured Visa
5. Centennial Classic Secured Visa
4. Merrick Bank Secured Visa
3. Platinum Zero Secured Visa
2. First Progress MasterCard
1. Capital One Secured Platinum MasterCard

Fees — When comparing your options, consider the fees associated with these cards. You will find that some offer annual fees, monthly fees, processing fees, and/or application fees.


Although you won’t be able to avoid fees, you will want to choose one that is not outrageous. Also, some companies will charge all of them; you should avoid that company.

Credit reporting — You want to make sure the financial institution reports to the credit bureaus.

As you make on-time payments each month, you will establish a solid history. This will improve your credit score if the company reports.

Many choose and charge retail stores or buy now pay later sites do not credit report — unless you do not pay your bill. This does not help you when rebuilding a payment history.

Credit limits — Do not expect to have a $1000 limit. Start small. Secured cards will make you pay a deposit and offer you a small line of credit around a few hundred dollars.

As you build and establish your credit, you could apply for a increase in your credit line. Eventually, you will be able to apply for an unsecured card.

Tips to apply for an unsecured or easy store credit card

1. Polishing up the finances

Your recent payment behavior will be used when applying. This means that making on-time payments for your bills, limiting any cash advances, or going over your limit will be reflected on your credit score.

You won’t be able to do anything about your previous history, but make sure your current history looks OK.

2. Don’t be greedy when applying for cards

Find a card you want, think you will qualify for, and apply for it. Don’t test the waters by applying for 3-5 different ones, thinking something will stick.

Remember, every time you apply a credit check is done. This inquiry will lower your FICO score and make you less desirable to approve.

3. Research the card

You won’t get an American Express Platinum with a FICO score of 550. Be realistic with what you apply for.

Do a little research. The web is filled with 1st person stories of people who have been approved and denied for specific cards.

Often, they will list their score and the outcome after applying. Use this to your advantage. Granted, not everything you read is true, but you should be able to find a middle ground.

I hope this information has helped you with the easiest store card to get.