Deferred Billing Clothing Catalogs

You have many options when it comes to deferred billing clothing catalogs. These companies offer easy ways to get apparel when money is short. Whether you are looking for women’s blouses, slacks, or skirts — even men’s jeans, t-shirts, and shoes — a buy now pay later store will allow you to get what you need. To help you, I want to list a few of these deferred payment plans offered from the same company — Redcat USA.

Woman Within: Stylish, special occasion clothing is great, but what if you want something that is comfortable and casual? Enter Woman Within. This company offers beautiful, laid back garments and apparel for bigger women. If money is really short, you can opt for the clearance section here, as well.

Roaman’s: If you are a big woman and need plus size clothing on credit, this is the store for you. They feature stylish blouses and dresses, along with sexy lingerie and tops in sizes from 12W to 44W. Did I mention they have shoes?


Jessica London: Full-figured women’s apparel that can be setup with deferred billing terms. They feature elegant, yet beautiful, stylish dresses for curvy women on credit.

KingSize: This is for the big and tall men who need shop now pay later plans. Whether you need a suit and tie or a pair of jockey shorts and ball cap, you are covered with apparel from this company Similar to Roaman’s, offers clothing for plus size women and men. You have the option to buy now and pay later, which can be a value when you need a warm coat in the doldrums of the winter when money is short one month. This online shopping website catalog does offer beauty products, too, along with handbags.

How these deferred billing clothing catalogs work

When you are ready to checkout at one of these merchants, you enter a deferred payment code. The promo code will allow you to make a purchase from one of these merchants and request to hold off on paying the bill for 90 days. This means you will not be charged when you make the purchase up-front and get some time to make the payment.


This program allows the merchant to charge you just before the 90th day. This delayed payment can be a great value if you need to get apparel now, with an easy online shopping plan.

Not everybody will qualify for a payment plan that is deferred but it does not hurt to try if you need one. I hope this article about deferred billing clothing catalogs has been helpful to you.