Buy Now Pay Later Tablets – No Credit Check and Instant Approval

Whether you need an Apple iPad or Kindle Fire or Android tablet PC when finances are tight, you have the option to get one from a buy now pay later tablets retailer. These website stores, which are available in the UK and US in 2014, allow you to purchase a tablet PC without a credit card. You can get the electronics now and setup a monthly payment plan to pay the balance at a later date in the future.

Online retailers such as Luther Sales can provide instant approval if you have a job — they are even a bad credit OK buy now pay later store and provide military financing, too. Other online catalog stores include Tesco and and

The retailers offer you minimum monthly payments and the ability to get now that tablet PC you need — even if you don’t have a credit card.


You will, more than likely, be charged an interest fee and may have other associated charges. This is a small price to pay if you are running short of money one month and need a product, though.

Buy now pay later tablet PC options through Bill Me Later

But if you want to apply for a Bill Me Later account, you have many more options available. This shop now pay later plan account has more than 500 stores in its catalog. For example, you can actually purchase directly from Apple, eliminating the middle retailer

You will have to qualify for one of these choose and charge electrical stores, but you will get no interest charges for 6 months if you pay the balance off in full then. That can be beneficial if you just need a little extra time. However, if you need extra time to pay the balance, you will get charged interest. Also, it is important to keep in mind that this get now pay later electronics option does have a minimum monthly payment.

Electronic and office stores that accept Bill Me Later Apple Store
Beach Camera B&H Circuit City
Comp-U-Plus CompUSA
Computer Desks & More CSN Library Furniture CSN Office Furniture
CyberPower PC ebay
Electronica Direct
Hewlett-Packard iBUYPOWER Levenger
Mac Connection MacMall More Bookshelves
More Filing Cabinets More Office Chairs
Office Furniture N Office Max onSale Partner PayPal
PC Connection PC Mall PC Super Deals
Print Runner Sharp
Small Dog Tiger Direct Tri-State Camera and Computer Inc.

As you can see, there are a lot of stores that offer the option to do a buy now pay later tablet PC. But where did this style of payment come from?

How does buying now and paying later work?

Long before credit cards and banks and big corporations, there were single owner stores that were run by families. These storekeepers would see the same people entering their shops day in, day out. Their customers were local and were known.


The storekeepers knew if, for example, John was going through financial struggles and needed money — or if Jeff was waiting for his harvest money to come in. This meant that storekeepers would extend credit to customers if he knew they were good for it.

The same holds true about using a buy now and pay later tablet pc store. The store, such as Luther Sales, extends you credit but uses your job history as a way to determine if you are good for it.

Bill Me Later works very similar; however, it uses your credit score and credit history to make this determination. You will have to qualify for it and may not get instant approval if you have a bad credit score.

Tips for using shop now PC stores

You will want to establish a good payment pattern at one of these stores before you order a lot from them. The first time you order, you should only order one or two low cost items, then pay the balance off. The retailer will be more likely to trust you and will extend you more credit if you prove to be responsible.

On the other hand, if you now try to order very expensive electrical equipment and have no history of paying a balance with them, there is a high probability that they will deny you credit. Remember, they don’t want to get ripped off.

You, also, want to make sure that you pay your balance on time every month. If you don’t, the buy now pay later store will credit report, which will impact your credit score. This is bad if you already have a poor score and are trying to improve it.

I hope this article about using buy now pay later tablets has been helpful to you.