Anyone Giving Away Money? Yes, Philanthropists Are!

Ever wondered if there is anybody or anyone giving away money? The answer is yes! If you are in financial despair and need money desperately, you have the option of asking wealthy people who give away money. Yes, that is right. Many filthy rich millionaires and billionaires take the role as a philanthropist giving away money and may be willing to help your financials, especially if you are saying ‘I need money right now.’

Rich men such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are really wealthy, having millions and billions of dollars of extra money. After they made all that money, they decided to give back, pledging it to anyone who needs it.


Celebrities Oprah Winfrey and Elen Degeneres have pledged sums of cash to provide help to people in need. But other names, such as Steve Case, David Rubenstein, and Leon Black, have also provided funding to people that are not rich.

If you are always saying ‘I need money right now’ you owe it to yourself to try and find anybody giving away money. It can be done and I want to provide you with a little insight how.

Who is giving away money?

You don’t have to have connections to billionaires and millionaires — those filthy rich people whose wealth is beyond our imagination. But you need to capture their imagination.

The first step is to make yourself known. You need to build an online presence. If a celebrity can’t contact you, then how do you expect them to find you?

After getting yourself known, asking if anyone is giving money away, you will want to market yourself, known as the person who is asking for money.


On your site, you could start a donation page, too. Although you probably won’t draw in the likes of celebrities and other filthy rich millionaires and billionaires, you may get people who understand your financial despair and may be willing to give a few extra bucks.

Contact a philanthropist giving away money

Write a letter to a philanthropist giving away money, explaining how the bad economy has left you struggling with tight finances.

These upper class people may not understand your financial despair but they will understand that they can make a difference. That becomes their obligation,

Your letter should show respect and explain then, why you are saying ‘I need money right now.’ For instance, a Oprah Winfrey will get hundreds — maybe even thousands — of people asking for cash. How does that rich person choose who to give it to?

Sample letter to anyone giving away money

Jaime Smith
4455 Needy Way
Broke, MI
Feb. 7, 2013,

Dear “insert name of anybody or anyone giving away money,”

I have read in the news that you are providing financial assistance to people who are struggling through this difficult economy. I think that is a noble, philanthropic effort.

I, myself, have been in financial despair for a few years now. After the housing market fell through, I have been having a difficult time keeping my mortgage(s) paid and yearly taxes paid. I save cash for this but it is expensive and I can’t sell the houses because of how bad the market is. If I could, I would sell them and return to college.

The real reason I am writing to you is that I read online that you provide assistance to people in need, wanting to better themselves. My goal is to go back and get my MBA so I can be a filthy rich billionaire like yourself and then give back to my community.

If you would be so kind as to provide a generous contribution to my education, I would be in debt to you for years to come and would follow in your footsteps.

Yours sincerely,

Jamie Smith



As you can see writing a letter to anybody or anyone giving away money is easy and may help you answer your saying, ‘I need money now!’